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> why not copy python's list-zip static-function

The result isn't a string, it's an array you'd then have to join with
`.join("")`. Not that `zip` isn't a useful function *too*... (At least,
presumably it is, it shows up in libs a lot. I don't recall having had to
do it outside a tag function.)

> i'm also against the spread-operator signature.

Good point to raise. (FWIW: It's "rest," not "spread;" and it's not an

An argument in favor of using a rest parameter is it aligns with
`String.raw`. (It also makes `cook` a valid tag function, though a
pointless one to use in that way as the result is what you'd get from an
untagged template.)

An argument against using a rest parameter (taking an array instead) is
that, to my mind anyway, the primary use case for this function is as a
tool within other general-purpose tag functions (like Isiah's `debug` and
`trust` examples). In a general-purpose tag function, since you don't know
how many substitution values you're going to get, you're likely to have
used a rest parameter, meaning you already have an array. Passing the array
directly is more efficient, surely, than spreading it and having `cook`
gather it up into a rest parameter. (That said, if engines don't already
aggressively optimize calls using spread with an array that has the default
iterator to functions using a perfectly-matching rest parameter list,
presumably they will at some point, or investigations have proved it's not
worth the trouble.)

I'm not bothered either way.

-- T.J. Crowder
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