proposal: DataView.prototype.toString(start = 0, end = this.length, enc= "utf8")

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Wed Aug 22 02:02:10 UTC 2018

You might be interested in some of the things I have here:

I'm not quite to the point of pushing TC39 to consider, but after I get
around to sorting it better, I'd love to see all of them eventually

Note that for some common cases, like to ASCII or UTF-8 when no character
in the string is above U+007F or to UCS-2/UTF-16 when at least one
character is above that, it's a trivial `memcpy` for multi-character
On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 18:32 Ali Rahbari <rahbari at> wrote:

> When working with binary data, reading string from buffer is a necessity.
> For example when deserializing bson data in the browser.
> Most of node.js buffer methods are available in DataView except toString.
> As a workaround currently it's done by reading the buffer byte by byte and
> convert each of them to corresponding character with String.fromCharCode()
> and then joining the result.
> This can be done much faster in native code.
> DataView.prototype.toString(start = 0, end = this.length, encoding= "utf8")
> DataView.prototype.writeString(string, offset = 0, length = string.length,
> encoding = "utf8")
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