Sync iterables and [[asyncIterator]]

Herbert Vojčík herby at
Sun Aug 19 21:34:27 UTC 2018


Lately, I created this in one project:

export async function* zip (...iterables) {
     for (const iterators = => (each[Symbol.iterator] 
|| each[Symbol.asyncIterator]).apply(each)); ;) {
         const all = await Promise.all( each => await;
         if (all.some(each => each.done)) break;
         yield => each.value);

It was sync generator before, but once one of the entries became async 
generator, I changed the zip itself to be async.

My question is to the pretty ugly

   const iterators = => (each[Symbol.iterator] || 

Is there some more idiomatic way to find "any iterator; sync or async" / 
alternatively, could sync iterator return respective [[asyncIterator]] 
as well, just promisifying the result (as a sort of proto-proposal of sort)?

Or is there some easy way to change sync iterable to async iterable, so 
I could change the other ones at call site?

Thanks, Herby

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