Math.roundUp(), an alias for Math.ceil()

Eric Andrew Lewis eric.andrew.lewis at
Sat Aug 4 22:55:21 UTC 2018

Hi there,

this is my first message to the list. Thanks for all that you do to
improve  the programming language for the web!

This is probably a curious proposal that will go nowhere but I thought it'd
be interesting to share a suggestion and see how it goes.

I teach introductory JavaScript. Students have a hard time remembering the
method name Math.ceil(). It looks like the name "ceil" dates back to at
least the C programming language, and probably earlier.

I suggest introducing Math.roundUp() as an alias for Math.ceil() to provide
an easier to read and remember method name. If this makes sense,
introducing Math.roundDown() might be a good alias for Math.floor() as well.

I searched for previous discussions on creating method name aliases and
couldn't find one to see how the committee has made decisions about them in
the past.

Eric Lewis
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