Question: HTTPS everywhere...problem

Zachary Yaro zmyaro at
Sat Aug 4 22:46:54 UTC 2018

I am not sure off the top of my head which officially require it in the
spec, but I know a lot of more recent APIs, including service worker, push
notifications, and geolocation, require HTTPS in some or all modern
browsers, and I know at least the Chrome team plans to require HTTPS for
more APIs in the future.

Zachary Yaro

On Sat, Aug 4, 2018, 18:08 Claude Pache <claude.pache at> wrote:

> Le 4 août 2018 à 22:22, Felipe Nascimento de Moura <felipenmoura at>
> a écrit :
> I know of (and I also support) the HTTPS everywhere campaign.
> I don’t think that ECMAScript has any feature related to the http
> protocol, or that make a distinction between secure and non-secure
> contexts. Wrong mailing list?
> —Claude
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