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Felipe Nascimento de Moura felipenmoura at
Sat Aug 4 22:39:09 UTC 2018

Well, I read it in the some doumentation about it and the logged error
message was informing about this.
But indeed, the ES documentation is not mandatory about it. I'm trying
contact with people from the Chrome devtools about it.
I just realized it works in Firefox on a small limitation but
is some hope!

About the local domain suggested by Mark, I will have to check the
availability to configure a dedicated DNS server there...this is also an
interesting possibility.

So, as for the ES definitions, this is not a rule to be applied in all
browsers in a near future?


[ ]s


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On Sat, Aug 4, 2018 at 7:08 PM Claude Pache <claude.pache at> wrote:

> Le 4 août 2018 à 22:22, Felipe Nascimento de Moura <felipenmoura at>
> a écrit :
> I know of (and I also support) the HTTPS everywhere campaign.
> I don’t think that ECMAScript has any feature related to the http
> protocol, or that make a distinction between secure and non-secure
> contexts. Wrong mailing list?
> —Claude
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