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Oh sorry you said you tried that. Apologies. Maybe resolving to a dedicated

On Sat, Aug 4, 2018, 5:40 PM Mark <mark at> wrote:

> Have you tried just serving via https using your own signed certificates?
> That's an easy solution, right?
> On Sat, Aug 4, 2018, 4:23 PM Felipe Nascimento de Moura <
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>> Hi.
>> I know of (and I also support) the HTTPS everywhere campaign.
>> With that said...
>> I'm working on a software for a factory which will have:
>> - 1 server in a room, with a node server running on it
>> - many cellphones sending pictures
>> - no internet access, everything works within the same, closed network
>> Have you seen the problem?
>> I developed the thing in 2, I'm 4 days working on how to turn
>> on the cameras in the cellphones as they are accessing the service using
>> the serve's IP address (which, evidently, is not HTTPS).
>> This raised the question in my head. There shouldn't be at least an
>> option? Something like a "yes, I AM sure of what I am doing, now let me do
>> it please" option in browsers, perhaps a flag, perhaps a pattern...
>> The answers I got so far were "you can't do it with web technologies",
>> and I will not accept that answer as final.
>> So...any option? Shouldn't web technologies allow us to develop this kind
>> of software/service as well?
>> Do you know of any option/solution for such problem? I've been wasting my
>> time with cordova and ionic, tried some caches, remote far,
>> nothing.
>> I'm really disappointed with this...the thing is really cool, works so
>> fine and fast and then...I can't install it there because my own browser
>> does not trust my own software in my own cellphones closed in my own
>> network accessing my own server :/
>> I even tried generating a certificate for it, but the server ends up with
>> new IPs from time to time and, as it will be installed in different
>> factories and stores, making it a static ip is not a good option.
>> Thanks you very much for any idea or suggestion.
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