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I know of (and I also support) the HTTPS everywhere campaign.

With that said...

I'm working on a software for a factory which will have:
- 1 server in a room, with a node server running on it
- many cellphones sending pictures
- no internet access, everything works within the same, closed network

Have you seen the problem?
I developed the thing in 2, I'm 4 days working on how to turn on
the cameras in the cellphones as they are accessing the service using the
serve's IP address (which, evidently, is not HTTPS).

This raised the question in my head. There shouldn't be at least an option?
Something like a "yes, I AM sure of what I am doing, now let me do it
please" option in browsers, perhaps a flag, perhaps a pattern...

The answers I got so far were "you can't do it with web technologies", and
I will not accept that answer as final.

So...any option? Shouldn't web technologies allow us to develop this kind
of software/service as well?

Do you know of any option/solution for such problem? I've been wasting my
time with cordova and ionic, tried some caches, remote far,

I'm really disappointed with this...the thing is really cool, works so fine
and fast and then...I can't install it there because my own browser does
not trust my own software in my own cellphones closed in my own network
accessing my own server :/

I even tried generating a certificate for it, but the server ends up with
new IPs from time to time and, as it will be installed in different
factories and stores, making it a static ip is not a good option.

Thanks you very much for any idea or suggestion.

[ ]s


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