Suggestion: Add Standard IO Streams

Chet Michals chetmichals at
Sun Apr 29 05:28:07 UTC 2018

Working between a number of different ECMAScript environments over the
years, such as in Java with Rhino and Nashorn, Node.js, and various web
browsers, one thing I have noticed is that there is no standard
input/output/error stream like most other languages support, and each
ecosystem tends to define their own host objects to deal with these, like
the console object in most Web Browsers (Which is at least defined in a
WHATWG Living Standard), the process object in Node.js, and the print
object in Nashorn.

I feel for long term portability, the 3 standard IO streams should be added
to the spec in some way,

Is there a reason I am not seeing as to why this wouldn't be desired?
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