How many ES5 environments are still in use today?

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Mon Apr 2 19:46:26 UTC 2018

I guess when it comes to other projects Wikipedia Wikipedia should be

FWIW I think only Chakra, SpiderMonkey, JavaScriptCore, Nashorn, QtScript
(although, not standard at all), Duktape, Moddable (R.I.P. Kinoma),
Espruino, MuJS (new to me!), and JerryScript are the actively
used/developed/maintained, and the list misses GJS, but I guess that's
because it's based on SpiderMonkey.

Purely ES5 start with IE9 on browser land, but includes IE11 too which is
still quite popular.

Not fully ES2015 is Chrome 49 which is the latest Chrome version supported
in both Windows XP and Vista and there are still users that won't let that
old/cracked OS go, regardless all security issues they have.

Opera 36 is at the same state of Chrome 49, and things are pretty different
on mobile too.

All phones from 2015 are stuck behind older Android versions or, even
worst, Samsung Internet, like it is for the Galaxy A3 case which is still a
pretty good looking phone.

However, Samsung Browser 4.0 is not too bad compared to IE11, as you can
see in this gist:

Have I answered your question ?

On Mon, Apr 2, 2018 at 9:18 PM, /#!/JoePea <joe at> wrote:

> I'm curious to know how many pure ES% environments (with or without
> non-standard features like __proto__, and without any ES6 features) are
> still being used in the wild.
> Would this come down to a browser statistics lookup? I believe there are
> other projects that use ES, like Rhino, Espruino, etc. Do you know of some
> place to get such statistics besides for browsers?
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