Proposal: result-forwarding ternary operator

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Tue Sep 19 12:33:16 UTC 2017

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First course of action for this proposal is, obviously, to
come up with a better name for it....


As with the 'optional chaining' proposal for tc39
<>, this operator is a
way to avoid excess and annoying code from safety-checking.

The optional chaining proposal, above, follows a chain and short-circuits
it upon acting on a null object, returning a safe '*undefined*' result; it
can be thought of as an extended '*if*' sequence. It looks like this:

// safeVal = result of someProp, or undefined if looking for props on null obj
const safeVal = blah?.someMethod()?.someProp;

This proposal provides for an '*else'* scenario, particularly in situations
where chaining isn't appropriate, by forwarding the result of a truthy
conditional check to a single-parameter function.


*condition ?! fn : expr*


   - condition: any condition, *identical to use in standard ternary*
   - fn: function taking single parameter, which is the result of
   evaluating *condition*
   - expr: any expression, *identical to use in standard ternary*

Usage Example

// temporary variable
const temp = getSomething(),
      foo = temp ? doSomething(temp) : doSomethingElse();

// repeated code, possible side-effects
const foo2 = getSomething() ? doSomething(getSomething()) : doSomethingElse();

// proposal, no chaining
const newFoo = getSomething() ?! x => doSomething(x) : doSomethingElse();

// proposal, chaining
const newFoo = getSomething() ?!
      x => {
        return x.doSomething();
      } :



   The choice of '?!' is entirely arbitrary and not a core part of the

   The result of the conditional check is not passed on to the falsey path,
   because it seems pointless to do so.
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