Lazy evaluation

Alex Kodat alexkodat at
Thu Sep 14 13:11:12 UTC 2017

I realize in going over the last few e-mails for this thread, that as usual, I’m to blame for a bit of poor communication. I had intended to include the link to the public-private field proposal in my comments about it but whiffed. So the link: And yes, this link has appeared on other e-mails (sorry?).

This brings me to a (noobie) meta-question. This proposal is very interesting and looks nice to me and it is indicated to be in Stage 3. This suggests that it's pretty close to going in as-is into the ECMAScript standard? In case I'm not the last person in the world to find the process:

So is this the appropriate forum for questions or comments about this spec? I notice many of the very interesting discussions leading up to this proposal happened elsewhere (mostly GitHub). But there's no link in the spec proposal to a discussion page so maybe this is it? Sorry if this is a stupid question.

Alex Kodat

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