Make comma at the end of line optional

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Tue Sep 12 20:49:25 UTC 2017

Think of it from a different way: if there would be no ',' how would you
react on the idea of adding it? Peaty sour every one would decide that
would be a complete nonsense. On the other side there is a discussion about
possibility of make it optional where different people have different
opinions. And no, it wouldn't break a tone of code - at list for now we
came to only one quite exotic case with "get" and "set". But yes, the fact
that it exists making it impossible. At list in such form

2017-09-12 23:09 GMT+03:00 dante federici <c.dante.federici at>:

> I mean, it's the general case of the "get" and "set" when defining a
> method:
> runtime-semantics-propertydefinitionevaluation
> That being said, there's a lot of "you just shouldn't do that" in
> javascript. Looking at you, `undefined` not being a reserved word.
> Syntax aside, a question that hasn't been sufficiently answered is what
> value does this actually add other than "I don't want to type ,"? Arguments
> for "easier to read code" I would absolutely disagree with, since it may be
> easier for one person, but not another. Giving a "line break matters" is a
> terrible answer, since that would break a ton of backwards compatibility.
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