The `super` keyword doesn't work as it should?

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Sat Oct 21 15:33:44 UTC 2017

Here's a new real-world example showing people are naturally expecting ES6
`super` to be dynamic when they copy methods from objects to other objects:

It makes sense to assume it would work this way considering how dynamic
pre-ES6 is!


On Mon, Aug 1, 2016 at 11:11 PM, /#!/JoePea <joe at> wrote:

> Alan, after considering the [March 25th Declarative Alternative to
> toMethod conversation](
> master/es6/2015-03/
> to-tomethod-allen-wirfs-brock), it really seems like a dynamic `super`
> would solve the problems mentioned. The extra syntaxes,
> ```js
> let mixins = obj => obj mixin {...}; mixins(target);
> mixin TextSupport {...}
> class MyComponent extends EmberComponent with TextSupport {...}
> function (super) foo (x, y) { ...super ...x ...y }
> //etc
> ```
> just seem like ways to work around the static `super` problem, introduce a
> bunch of new syntax when it is completely not needed, and as mentioned in
> that conversation:
> > YK: want to avoid "harsh end of life" outcome for ES5-ish libraries.
> which depicts the very fragmentation between ES5 and ES6 that I mentioned
> previously, which will cause a paradigm fork where some libraries will be
> targeted at ES5 features or ES6 features but not both when ideally the
> libraries should work with both feature sets. It would be great for the
> progress of the JavaScript language to be linear rather than forked (f.e.
> concise methods and class methods should be just functions with dynamic
> `super`s that can be manipulated just as we're used to in the pre-ES6 era).
> If `super` were dynamic, then users of widely-adopted libraries like
> Backbone would have huge benefits:
> ```js
> let NewClass = SomeBackboneClass.extend({
>   someMethod() {
>     // ...
>     super.someMethod() // this would work!! It would be awesome for
> existing code bases!!
>   }
> })
> ```
> That will currently fail for the same reason as why `Object.assign` fails:
> because `HomeObject` is static.
> Would you or someone please convince me that a dynamic `super` would be
> overhead-costly and performance-killing enough to have it be static?
> */#!/*JoePea
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