styleguide sanity-check for tc39 language-proposals to address javascript-fatigue

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On Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 8:18 AM, kai zhu
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> its a legitimate agenda from someone who cares deeply about
> javascript and believes es6 was a mistake and a step in the
> wrong-direction for javascript and frontend-development.

I won't get into an argument with you about ES2015+ except to say I
vehemently disagree with your conclusion, and challenge your
characterization that there's some kind of "fatigue." I'm constantly
meeting programmers who are thrilled with the new features -- three real
standouts are arrow functions, `class` syntax, and `async`/`await`. I show
`async`/`await` to people and they go crazy for it. "Whoo hoo, no more
callback hell!"

But the point is: The ship has sailed. Re-litigating decisions that have
been made is pointless and tiresome. When new proposals are made, it's
perfectly valid to raise issues with *them* if you think there are issues
(and perhaps cite **concrete** issues that have arisen from similar past
work to support that argument -- with data, not innuendo), but complaining
about arrow functions, `let`, Promises, etc., in October 2017 is not
useful. Those decisions were finalized years ago.

-- T.J. Crowder
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