Suggestion: Proxy.[[GetOwnProperty]] caching non-configurable, non-writable data descriptors?

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Sat Oct 7 17:31:11 UTC 2017

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> Instead of storing the properties in a map, I think you could first call
> [[GetOwnProperty]] on the target, and if it's not configurable nor
> writable, return the same descriptor without calling the proxy trap.

I believe that's what my original suggestion was.

However, I disagree with this kind of things. Proxy traps are not only
> useful because of the value they return, they can also have desirable
> side-effects.
> --Oriol

You make an annoyingly good point here... :-) I made a similar point a few
months ago to someone who wanted to create a "hybrid" object which hid the
proxy as the prototype of a regular object, for speed.  *shudder*

That said, I still believe the algorithm I pointed out goes through a lot
of steps that *can* be unnecessary in the scenario I laid out... except
that the creator of the proxy has no way of telling the implementing engine
that.  There's no "proxy configuration options" that I can modify to pass
these optimizing hints to the engine.  Maybe *that's* something we might

I know, this is quite a stretch, suggesting more API for proxies.  (I still
want Reflect.parse to happen, after all, and unlike kai zhu, I think
operator overloading is a good thing...)  I "blame" (actually, credit) Tom
van Cutsem for that, as he made a suggestion about optional properties
being an object in my own Membrane API recently.  It was a good idea there,
and for other algorithmic shortcuts in proxy traps, it might be a good idea

I also take Caridy's point about Google Chrome 62's optimizations that are
coming.  I didn't know that was actually happening until Caridy posted
about it here.

Thanks for your response, though:  it's nice to know someone cares about


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confirming there are no bugs in your own."
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