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Tue Nov 28 07:51:20 UTC 2017

On Tue, Nov 28, 2017 at 6:40 AM, kai zhu <kaizhu256 at> wrote:
> if i were asked what the vision of javascript is my current
> answer would be:
> "javascript is a tool to take JSON-input, manipulate it, and
> output it back out (via DOM, event-handling, network-socket,
> file-io, or db-driver)."

You mean, it's a tool to write computer instructions for taking input,
manipulating it, and generating output? Breaking news: That's what all
programming languages are.

If you mean *specifically* JSON, and *specifically* a DOM, and
*specifically* network I/O and DBs and...well, sorry; as you've been
repeatedly told, *your* vision is at odds with that of the JavaScript
community at large and, I believe, of the committee. JavaScript is bigger
than that. Cope. Because I don't see that changing. Harping on about that
conflict on this list is simply not useful.

> es5 was the epitomy of achieving that vision in the simplest way possible.

Great. Again: Keep using it. Nothing is stopping you or anyone else. The
committee have done a *huge* amount of work to maintain backward
compatibility. (Speaking of which: In all the harping, I don't recall
hearing a thing from you *appreciating* that hard work from the committee.
Did I just miss it?) Yes, it's 99.99999999% instead of 100%, and code
written assuming nothing would ever change (say, values from `typeof`) was
ever-so-slightly impacted. Well, that's unfortunate, but it's very much an
exception to the rule of compatibility, the decision was not made lightly
or without research on impact, and it's not like it takes any significant
time to fix the code in question. Rather less time than complaining about
it on the list, in fact.

You have a different view from most reasonably-informed people on this.
You're entitled to it. As a reasonably-informed person, you're entitled to
express it, and you have. It's time to move on.

-- T.J. Crowder
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