Question of the Day: What about all this asynchrony?

Dwayne rodneyd.teal at
Sat Nov 11 05:55:00 UTC 2017


Micheal, you sound like one of the foolish virgins that forgot to bring oil
for their lamps. You know that you need to do more research and that you
lack conceptual understanding. Now, because you've brought to little, your
asking for what you failed to bring. No, go rather to them that sell, and
buy for yourself.

Listen to those who were wise enough to bring oil for their lamps and can
see clearly on this issue.

Imagine if everybody started sending emails to es-discuss with your level
of appropiateness.... If they did, I'd unsubscribe, mark it as spam, and
create a custom filter just to ensure all emails with the words
'es-discuss' would be immediately deleted.

tl;dr Slap yourself.

I responded simply because I was annoyed that I actually read everything
you said.

Yawn...I mean, I would actually add something of value but umm... I wasted
all my reading time on this. lol

I've silently followed es-discuss for years. Please excuse me....
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