Can `new` be optional?

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Sun Nov 5 14:28:48 UTC 2017

> Why can't `new` be optional?

When you call a function, you are using the internal [[Call]] method. When you use the `new` operator, it's the internal [[Construct]] method.

They are different things, so IMO avoiding `new` when you are instantiating is bad practice.

But if you really want to avoid `new` when using ES6 `class` syntax, you can use proxies, e.g.

let MyClass = new Proxy(class MyClass {
  constructor(arg) { this.arg = arg; }
}, {
  apply: (target, thisArg, args) => Reflect.construct(target, args)
MyClass(1); // { arg: 1 }
new MyClass(2); // { arg: 2 }

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