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For mostly real OOP under JS, please see my project (doodad-js). But I can't warranty its future without a custom language because nobody on TC39 want to works along-side with me on that project, and they are making their own supposed "classes" which are not.

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any thoughts? i'll break the ice with a quora question i recently answered

quora question:
> Why is JavaScript so hated?

answer posted:
>the primary reason is because traditional oop skills gained from c#/c++/java/python/etc translate poorly to javascript.
>in javascript, class-instantiated objects are inferior to plain-objects, because plain-objects come with JSON.stringify/JSON.parse baked-in, while classes require needless extra serialization/deserialization routines which can easily double your codebase or more (as real-world javascript-code is heavily i/o based). i would say many people burn-out from frontend-programming because they can’t cope with debugging all the i/o edge-cases serializing/deserializing their custom classes.
>javascript and frontend-programming is essentially about efficiently managing the program-state like a baton, constantly passing it back-and-forth between the browser’s ui and various backend-servers / persistent-storage. plain json-objects utilizing idiot-proof JSON.stringify/JSON.parse, are naturally better at this baton-passing business than writing classes with custom serializers.

there's currently a civil war going on in frontend-development, between those who don't want to deal with writing extra class-based serializers/deserializers and those who do.  these 2 different design patterns have incompatible styleguides that often break web-projects when people try to mix-and-match both together.  i don't have a simple solution to this issue, but tc39 should be made aware of it as they try to formulate a javascript vision that doesn't alienate frontend-development.


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