Extends expression performs differently on Edge

Gareth Heyes gareth.heyes at portswigger.net
Wed May 24 19:22:10 UTC 2017

Ok cool I'll report it there. I have another one:
ັັັalert(ັັັ'LOL Edge'ັັັ)ັັັ 

> On 24 May 2017, at 16:53, Brian Terlson <Brian.Terlson at microsoft.com> wrote:
> I certainly do not mind! I am happy to file bugs but if you like, you can file these at https://github.com/microsoft/ChakraCore!
> I’ve filed this one here: https://github.com/Microsoft/ChakraCore/issues/3040
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> Subject: Extends expression performs differently on Edge
> Hi all
> I hope you don't mind me posting this stuff. I enjoy finding these quirks. This one alerts on Edge but not on other browsers.
> 1,class extends[]/alert(1){} // alerts on Edge, syntax error on other browsers
> Cheers
> Gareth
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