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This is not easy to generalize. Comparing objects is one thing lots of people want, but not everybody needs the same kind of comparison.
For example, you compare own property strings. But what about symbols? Somebody might consider two objects to be different if they have different symbol properties.
Or the opposite, somebody may think that checking enumerable properties is enough, and non-enumerable ones can be skipped.
Then some property values might be objects. Are they compared with === or recursively with this algorithm (be aware of cycles)?
Similarly, for the [[Prototype]]. Do inherited properties matter? Should [[Prototype]]s be compared with === or recursively?
There is also the problem of getters: each time you read a property, it might give a different value! You might want to get the property descriptor and compare the values or the getter functions.
And then there are proxies. Taking them into account, I don't think there is any reasonable way to compare objects.

So I think it's better if each person writes the code that compares objects according to their needs.


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