await setTimeout in async functions

Jérémy Judéaux jeremy.judeaux at
Wed Mar 1 13:55:02 UTC 2017

>  I don't even know why forcing a delay to an async function would be needed

In my opinion, for the same reasons calling `setTimeout` would have been needed: batching several calls together for a request, simulating i/o latency, delaying the rest of an expensive computation later in the event loop, racing with another operation for a timeout, …

I tend to see `setTimeout` as an old function, not meant to work well with recent ES features (Promises and async functions), having disadvantages (for example, error handling), and AFAIK not standard.

On the other hand, it’s easy to write or find a Promise-returning delay. And there is the cancellation issue (but I have the intuition that a “delay function” now will be compatible with any “cancellation solution” later).

I believe that, at some point, the “delaying” feature should be reviewed. Maybe not now.

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