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> On Tue, Jun 27, 2017 at 4:13 PM, Isiah Meadows <isiahmeadows at>
> wrote:
> > For what it's worth, for most practical purposes, `arr.sort((a, b) => b -
> > a))` works well enough. (The only thing it doesn't work well with are
> NaNs,
> > but in practice, those almost never occur.)
> Don't numeric comparison operators typically sort -0 before +0?

In JavaScript, not if I recall correctly. The only places where signed
zeroes are relevant is in division.

> ((a,b)=>b-a) is also problematic for an array that contains two or
> more infinite values with the same sign and one or more finite values
> since isNaN(Infinity-Infinity).   That NaN from the comparator can be
> triggered or not based on details of the sorting algo and the precise
> placement on the Infinities.

Infinities have also been similarly rare for me except in isolation.

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