Array pointer getter?

Alex Falcon capitalknew at
Fri Jun 2 16:06:21 UTC 2017

Hello. I heard about SIMD, Atomics, etc. and they accept as first arguments
"array, index", so because ES6 have spreads, I suggest to make next things:

let array = [0, 2, 3];
let ptr = array{0}; // don't get value, but pair of [array, 0], also this
is proxied which you have setter and getter "value"
let ptr = array.ptr(0); // alternate, functional

ptr.value = 1; // setter
let acceptance = ptr.value; // getter

// also you can just use these pointers without extra indexing
let idx = Atomics.add(...ptr, 1);

It should available for both: typed and regular arrays.
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