es-discuss Digest, Vol 125, Issue 13

Owen Swerkstrom owenswerk at
Fri Jul 7 17:04:31 UTC 2017

That's some interesting stuff kdex!  You know a lot more about Roman
numerals than I.  I was hoping I'd learn some stuff like that; thank

Your point about Roman being nonpositional and therefore a bad fit for
radix is well taken.  That convinces me that at least this
implementation is wrong.  (The other arguments in my mind amount to
"well this could get tricky, so we'd better not even try".  :^)

"Nobody uses Roman numerals" is, I think, the main, real reason this
won't happen.  English is an even more bodged-up mess than Roman
numerals, but people use it, so it's important.  Jav- oops -
EcmaScript itself can fairly be called messy, but humans use it a
great deal, so it's important.  Someday, AIs doing engineering on
quantum computers will argue about whether it would make sense to
sneak in a quick mode to simulate ye olde EcmaScript.  You know, just
as a joke.  :^)

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