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Tue Jul 4 21:44:03 UTC 2017

To have that be worth a language change, I think you'd have to make a
compelling argument that the performance of Math.min and Math.max, used
together on the same large set of numbers, was sufficiently slow as to make
widely used use cases untenable without your proposal.

I'd be happy to review the results of that research.

On Tue, Jul 4, 2017 at 12:24 PM, Xavier Stouder <xavier at> wrote:

> It’s more concise and if you’re comfortable with destructuring assignment
> syntax, I think it’s also more readable.
> Whatever, differents folks, differents strokes. This proposal offer the
> possibility to reduce by two the length of a “get min and max” operation,
> and probably improve the performance of the operation when used with large
> amounts of numbers.
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