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Tue Jul 4 15:37:07 UTC 2017

Even if I think it should be a performance improvement, the main goal
actually is to improve readability and conciseness of the code.


When you say "I'd expect it to be something closer to [min, max] =
Math.minMax(foo, bar)", are you saying that minmax (or minMax) should only
take two arguments ? I think that if it's implemented like this, it would
obviously be not so usefull.


Some questions about the proposal process :

-          Are champions reading and commenting this feed ? Can we have a
comment on this proposal maybe ?

-          Is the purpose of proposals to question how the proposal would be
implemented by JS engines ?

-          Talking about tests previously quoted : Is an JS implementation
of this proposal just approaching how efficient (or not) would be the
proposal after being implemented by JS engines ?


Thanks for your feedback.

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