getOwnPropertyDescriptor side effects

Jordan Harband ljharb at
Thu Jan 12 05:39:53 UTC 2017

, `Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor` will throw if you pass it `null` or
`undefined` as the first argument, if you pass it something as the second
argument that can't be coerced to a primitive (ie, a valueOf or toString
throws, or both are missing), or if the object you pass is a Proxy (or
other exotic object) whose `[[GetOwnProperty]]` trap throws or returns
anything other than an Object or `undefined`.

On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 5:55 PM, Isiah Meadows <isiahmeadows at>

> I was expecting the error to throw on invoking the getter. Calling `Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor`
> should *never* do that (spec invariant).
> On Wed, Jan 11, 2017, 15:30 Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky at> wrote:
>> On 1/11/17 3:12 PM, Isiah Meadows wrote:
>> > Okay. The error stack being constructed that early is odd, though.
>> I'm not sure I follow.  The error stack in SpiderMonkey and V8 (and
>> JavaScriptCore too, afaict) is captured at the point when the Error
>> object is created.  The captured thing is information that can be used
>> to construct a stack string later.
>> Then getting .stack constructs the stack string.  This operation is
>> somewhat expensive, so is deferred until someone asks.
>> In V8, the stringification process includes an explicit
>> script-modifiable hook: the "prepareStackTrace" property of the Error
>> constructor.
>> Is the odd part the stack capture during Error object construction?
>> Were you expecting it to only be captured at the throw point?
>> -Boris
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