Enable async/await to work on functions that don't just return promises.

Dean Tribble tribble at e-dean.com
Sun Feb 26 20:07:40 UTC 2017

> Should `callee()` be asynchronous here?  To my mind, no, it shouldn't.
> Every single line here is synchronous, so the function itself should surely
> be synchronous.  Shouldn't functions that may not have `await` in them, but
> instead that are actually asynchronous and hence use the `async return`
> keyword be the ones we define with `async`?

In the Javascript (and Midori) model, concurrent execution of multiple
activities is achieved by breaking those activities up into coarse-grained,
application-defined "turns" (or "jobs") and interleaving those.  An async
boundary is where the current turn could end, and the turns for other
concurrent activities might run, changing the state before the current
activity proceeds.

Therefore, callee must be async, because that declares that there could be
a turn boundary within it, and thus, the rest of the state of the program
could change as a result of the call.  The caller of callee *must *ensure
that it's invariants are correct before allowing other code to interleave
with it.
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