Feedback on Iterable Numbers Proposal?

T.J. Crowder tj.crowder at
Sun Feb 26 19:50:06 UTC 2017

On Sun, Feb 26, 2017 at 7:40 PM, kdex <kdex at> wrote:

> On that note, it might make more sense to add range literals.

That was my thought as well -- or at least, ranges if not range literals.
(A simple `Range` is trivial to implement, but I'd rather see something
ubiquitous.) I don't see any active, inactive, stage 0, or finished
proposals for ranges (they have been discussed:

John, to my mind it'd be great to see this same great level of
attention-to-detail, research, etc., devoted to ranges. I think iterable
numbers would be too limited to be all that useful (although a subset of
your proposal would be really simple to add). But I'm just a random guy on
the list, no idea if the people who actually matter would be interested in
a range proposal. Ranges have been put to good use in other
languages/environments (some mentioned in your proposal), so...

-- T.J.
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