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Zach Boldyga zach at scalabull.com
Sat Feb 25 23:03:34 UTC 2017

   Sorry if this is an ignorant request, I scanned the proposals and didn't
see anything that appeared similar.

   Is it appropriate for ECMAScript to include a Queue implementation, or
adjust shifting to a constant amortized time operation? Server-side usage
of the language is mostly formidable nowadays, and I've run into cases
where it would have been convenient to have an in-language queue.

   I see in the latest Array.prototype.shift documentation (
https://tc39.github.io/ecma262/#sec-array.prototype.shift) that shift is
still intended to be an O(n) operation, meaning those wanting to implement
a proper queue may need to rely on external libraries, like this one:
https://github.com/petkaantonov/deque .

   As the github link mentions, V8 has a trick to get around array
resizing, but for serious users we still need to rely on an external
library. It'd be great if this was a built-in feature.

   I'm sure someone has looked at this before - what do you think?


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