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Thu Feb 2 19:24:41 UTC 2017

It seems like a far more useful proposal (although much larger in scope)
would be some concept of interface comparison, and then you could see if
`object` matches "an interface that has an `a` and `b` property", but also
if `object` is "arraylike", or "iterable", or a "thenable", etc.

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> On Wed, Feb 1, 2017 at 7:18 PM, Jeremy Darling <jeremy.darling at>
> wrote:
>> This is an interesting concept, but reuse of ()'s and : will make it
>> difficult to pin down, scale to other operators and communicate.  Really
>> the "inclusion" operator needs to be something that stands out, doesn't
>> break existing spec, and won't kill new specs.
> Completely agreed. The trick is finding that something. We're definitely
> out of single-character options, so something along the lines you describe
> would be better. `$` is probably not going to be an option as the lead
> character, as it's an identifier character.
> I don't know how the process works, though. Is it too early to be thinking
> about syntax? The first question probably has to be whether it's worth
> exploring new syntax in this area at all, *then* exploring what that syntax
> might be...
> -- T.J.
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