Allow any quoted string to be multiline?

Andrey Muzalevsky face2world at
Tue Dec 19 10:28:58 UTC 2017

In general

This change looks good, in my eyes. From the other side it doesn't seem
like must-have feature, as template literals are covering 99.999...% cases
with multiline strings


> Yes, you gave a valid reason just after having said you didn’t see a
> reason: transforming bugs (missing quote) into early errors, so that it is
> easier to debug...

Seems like this is related to editors without syntax-highlighting only...
everybody(I hope) use editors with syntax highlighting today


> const someObj = { 'some.key': 'some value' };
> That throws an error if using template literals, as you need to use
computed property syntax
> (i.e., enclose the template literal in square brackets).

Do you really need new lines in property names?
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