import { foo, bar } as obj from 'module

Andrea Giammarchi andrea.giammarchi at
Wed Dec 13 23:11:24 UTC 2017

> but I wasn’t under the impression that the braces were an object literal
or a binding pattern

I think nobody thought that, we all assumed destructuring into a namespace.

import * as *name* from "*module-name*";
import { *export *} from "*module-name*";

the first is an import "everything" from module and the second destructures
export from the module exports.

import { export } as name from "module" would destructure `export` and save
it as name.export.

It's like having a namespace and use destructuring to address it.

We cannot:

const name = {};
import { export: name.export } from "module"

so that

import { a, b, c } as name from "module"

seems to be the easiest way to go/explain/use namespaces as import.

On Wed, Dec 13, 2017 at 7:27 PM, Darien Valentine <valentinium at>

> > Those {} that you see in the export and import statements are not
> objects, it is just syntax. Yes, I know, people confuse them with objects,
> until they realize they aren’t. We probably should have chosen a different
> syntax to signal that it is a binding from the module’s environment record.
> Not sure about the other folks here, but I wasn’t under the impression
> that the braces were an object literal or a binding pattern — though
> obviously `* from 'foo'` does return the module namespace exotic object.
> The idea I think is that it would be useful to extend NamespaceImport to
> permit retrieving a filtered view of the MNSEO that exposes only the
> specified bindings. I see that it’s novel because (correct me if I’m wrong)
> the same MNSEO instance is returned for namespace imports across multiple
> importing modules and is observably the same reference; currently it’s just
> "create the first time, retrieve thereafter". So here we’d be explicitly
> requesting a new object even if the module instance is already loaded, yes
> — but presumably it would be a new MNSEO (or proxy thereof) with the usual
> binding semantics, not a pojo.
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