Allow specify numbers with suffixes

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Wed Dec 13 22:36:35 UTC 2017

Unless I badly misunderstood Andrey's post he does not want something like numeric separators, that get ignored by the VM; he wants 1M to translate (I presume at compile time) to 1_000_000 (here's hoping numeric separators makes it into the spec) and 3min to translate to 18_000.
While I see some merit to the idea, I think adding such things to the language ad hoc leads to PHP--not the direction I'd like to see JavaScript take. I think any proposed addition to a language should be reviewed as to whether it constitutes a specific case of some more general principle.

Moreover, the BigInt proposal is at Stage 3 and would use an "n" suffix to indicate a BigInt literal; the Extensible Numeric Literals proposal is at Stage 1 and would make further use of the same syntactic space ("i" for imaginary numbers, "m" for decimals); Brendan Eich's Int64 slide deck ( uses "L" as suffix for Int64, "uL" for Uint64, and considers extending the concept to user-defined value types. If such user-defined value types ever make it into JavaScript, it might give Andrey something close to what he wants.

   On Tuesday, December 12, 2017, 1:16:02 PM CST, Sam Goto <goto at> wrote:  
 + rick that co-authored numeric separators too and may have thoughts on this. my first impression is that this (if kept purely as something that gets ignored by the VMs) shares a lot of the sentiments with numeric separators ....
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