import { foo, bar } as obj from 'module

Tiddo Langerak tiddolangerak at
Tue Dec 12 07:39:19 UTC 2017

In modern ES code, I love the named imports & exports since it allows us 
to only import what we need. Tooling has jumped on this as well by 
stripping out any exports that aren't used (treeshaking).

However, a big downside of named imports is that you lose any 
"namespacing", which is especially relevant for generic 
function/variable names. For example, `lodash` and `async` both export a 
`map` function, and it isn't unlikely to use both packages in a single 
project, or even a single module. This gives naming conflicts.

We currently have 2 options to resolve these conflicts:

- Alias individual imports:

     import { map as lodashMap } from 'lodash';
     import { map as asyncMap } from 'async';

- Replace with * import

     import * as _ from 'lodash';
     import * as async from 'async';

Neither option is ideal:

- Aliasing results in either inconsistent code (some imports are 
prefixed, others aren't) or "smurfnaming". Prefixing is often also less 
readable than namespacing, especially for longer names 
(`lodashLastIndexOf` vs `lodash.lastIndexOf`).
- Star imports prevent treeshaking.

The solution to this seems simple enough: allow a group of named imports 
to be aliased as a whole:

     import { map } as _ from 'lodash';;

This preserves both "namespacing" and selective importing, giving the 
best of both worlds.

To me this seems like such a no-brainer that I'm actually surprised that 
this isn't possible already. Has something like this been considered at 
some point? And what would be the downsides of this? Or is there just 
too little interest in this?

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