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Well, there's already .map(), .find() and .filter() for returning values
from arrays

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> I have seen some people want to modify some of the array prototype
> functions, especially forEach, so that returning from them returns a value.
> However, I have also seems that this could break things since in some
> cases, again forEach, the return value in explicitly defined.
> Thus I propose the new syntax `super return` and any other positive number
> of supers. This syntax is currently not valid in any scenario and with the
> current meaning of super seems, to me at least, relativity easy to
> understand.
> The outcome of this basically means "return from current context up one
> level and then return from there".
> A current method of doing this is by using try / catch but it is not
> ideal. Using the above method I believe that it would be able to be better
> optimized.
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