Object.seal, read references, and code reliability

Alex Kodat akodat at rocketsoftware.com
Mon Aug 14 18:16:28 UTC 2017

FWIW, I’m not sure I agree with your OrdinaryGet steps. Also, not sure I like readExtensible as it doesn’t really have anything to do with extensibility. Maybe readStrict? But maybe I’m thinking about extensibility wrong?

In any case, I think the description of [[Get]] would have to be like (sorry, I’ve never done this sort of spec pseudo code so some of this is probably syntactically incorrect):

[[Get]] (P, Receiver, ReadStrict)

  1.  Return ? OrdinaryGet(O, P, Receiver, ReadStrict).

And OrdinaryGet would be like:

OrdinaryGet (O, P, Receiver, ReadStrict)#

  1.  Assert: IsPropertyKey(P) is true.
  2.  Let desc be ? O.[[GetOwnProperty]](P).
  3.  If desc is undefined, then

  1.  Let readStrict be ? O.IsReadStrict(Receiver) || ReadStrict
  2.  Let parent be ? O.[[GetPrototypeOf]]().
  3.  If parent is null then

i.                     Assert: readStrict is false

ii.                    return undefined.

  1.  Return ? parent.[[Get]](P, Receiver, readStrict).

  1.  If IsDataDescriptor(desc) is true, return desc.[[Value]].
  2.  Assert: IsAccessorDescriptor(desc) is true.
  3.  Let getter be desc.[[Get]].
  4.  If getter is undefined, return undefined.
  5.  Return ? Call(getter, Receiver).

Probably adjustments need to be made to other references to [[Get]] and OrdinaryGet, passing false for ReadStrict.

I guess this pseudo code also points out an issue as to whether Object.lock would affect a dynamic property with no getter. Intuitively, it seems to me that it should.

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On Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 5:32 PM, Alex Kodat <akodat at rocketsoftware.com<mailto:akodat at rocketsoftware.com>> wrote:
> Is there any reason that there’s no flavor of Object.seal that
> would throw an exception on read references to properties that are
> not found on the specified object?

This sounds like a good idea at a high level. Will be very interested to know what implementers have to say about it from an implementation perspective.

In spec terms, at first glance it's mostly just a new pair of steps in [OrdinaryGet ordinary object internal function][1] (added Step 3.a and 3.b):

1. Assert: IsPropertyKey(P) is true.
2. Let desc be ? O.[[GetOwnProperty]](P).
3. If desc is undefined, then
 a. Let readExtendable be ? IsReadExtensible(Receiver).
 b. If readExtendable is false, throw TypeError.
 c. Let parent be ? O.[[GetPrototypeOf]]().
 d. If parent is null, return undefined.
 e. Return ? parent.[[Get]](P, Receiver).
4. If IsDataDescriptor(desc) is true, return desc.[[Value]].
5. Assert: IsAccessorDescriptor(desc) is true.
6. Let getter be desc.[[Get]].
7. If getter is undefined, return undefined.
8. Return ? Call(getter, Receiver).

...where `IsReadExtensible` is an op to test the new flag. *(Used `pre` markdown to avoid the `[[...](.)` being treated as links without having to add `\` for those not reading the rendered version.)*

One concern is people already have trouble keeping sealed and frozen straight (or is that just me?). Adding a locked (or whatever) makes that even more confusing. But the semantics of sealed and frozen can't be changed to include this now.

-- T.J. Crowder

[1]: https://tc39.github.io/ecma262/#sec-ordinaryget

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