an operator for ignoring any exceptions

Hikaru Nakashima oao.hikaru.oao at
Fri Aug 11 12:19:06 UTC 2017

I have two thinkings about risk of this idea.

First, I think this syntax is almost same risk as try-catch syntax, because
try-catch syntax is often used for just swallowing errors and it will be
making hard to debug.
Rather, this might be better because the target of syntax is partial. This
is like the techniques to convert null or undefined to basic value of types
we hoped.

Second, how about make the debugger tells us silent errors like uncaught
promise error.
I think we would not mind that all silent errors appear to console, because
they was supposed to be appear if unless this syntax.
For above fetch example, we would want to know errors even if we want to
silent it in codes.
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