Guidelines and General Direction for Standard Library Proposals

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Sun Aug 6 00:36:49 UTC 2017

My thoughts: big source of JavaScript criticism is its small standard
library and community attempts to solve that issue - hundreds of small
modules. Significant part of lodash should be present in standard library.
My lodash selection - chunk, dropWhile, first, last, flatten, fromPairs,
pull, without, takeWhile, zip, flatMap, keyBy, property, groupBy,
partition, sample, shuffle, sortBy, ary, memoize, once, operators as
functions, clamp, inRange, get, mapKeys, mapValues, pickBy, many strings
operations, attempt, constant, flow, noop, range.

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> I'd find it helpful to have:
> 1. A general steer from TC39 as to whether the committee are committed
> to a robust, feature-rich standard library, or a minimal one (with the
> expectation of a rich ecosystem of libraries, presumably).
> 2. Guidelines of what to consider when proposing standard library features.
> The latter can come from the community; the former needs to come from TC39.
> We see a fair number of simple lib function proposals on the list, it
> would be useful to have some guidelines for what's worth properly
> proposing and what's likely to be a non-starter.
> Naveen Chawla's [recent suggestion][1] is a good case in point: A
> standard lib function for taking an array (ideally, an iterable) and
> creating an object with properties referencing the elements by one of
> their property's values. (One could easily argue for a Set version as
> well.) Ignoring the details of his suggestion, this is a simple
> operation that I've needed in every codebase I've ever worked on. I
> haven't proposed it (having considered doing so repeatedly) because my
> perception had been that TC39 wants to keep the standard lib small.
> But with the additions in 2015, 2016, and 2017, is that simply not the
> case (anymore)?
> Apologies if either (1) or (2) already exist and I've overlooked them.
> -- T.J. Crowder
> [1]:
> toobjectbyproperty-element-element-property
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