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Import is already made to be a context-sensitive keyword

I don’t think you can have a

function x() {

   import {x} from ‘module’;


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> How is `document` and `window` handled when someone does

> `const document =` ?

At global scope in a script body, in a browser context, it's an error,

as you presumably know, because `document` is already declared.

> It would seem perfectly fine to allow `module` to be masked by

> other variables, and if someone wants to use the module-global

> `module`, they can just rename in order to get access.

Yes. That's what I said.

The issue with it being an identifier isn't shadowing. It's that then

it's a binding with a value, and that value can be passed around,

which I suspect isn't okay.

For clarity: To get `module`, either:

1. It's a context-sensitive keyword, and code that's using it needs to

be updated when migrated to a module.

2. It's an identifier, which means its value can be passed around.

All I've said, again, is: I *suspect* that having it be an identifier

is a non-starter. But perhaps you can get support for a

context-sensitive keyword, if people feel it's worth the complexity

for mildly-improved semantics.

-- T.J. Crowder
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