import.meta and TC39 process as a whole

Darien Valentine valentinium at
Fri Aug 4 05:49:53 UTC 2017

> their concerns were dismissed with no argument

I’m curious what the concerns were. You mentioned disliking the syntax, but
I’m guessing there’s more to it than that?

I’ve been experimenting with ES Modules over HTTP 2 for a few months. I
used rollup to create my dep graph without actually bundling, then served
requested modules as entry points with a server push for their deps. I
imagine that it won’t be long before generic tooling for this sort of
approach emerges (my own solution is pretty hacky, just wanted to see how
it might work).

I love how it’s turned out so far. I haven’t used dynamic import yet
though, and this is the first time I’m seeing complaints about web
standards development being too efficient.
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