import.meta and TC39 process as a whole

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Thu Aug 3 20:10:08 UTC 2017

Can anyone enlighten me as to how any input on features that are rushed into the standard works?

What is the purpose of hosting TC39 on GitHub if no input is expected from anybody but TC39 members?

Prime example:

Somehow it’s already in stage 2. Which means: 

The committee expects to devote time to examining the problem space, solutions and cross-cutting concerns

Only reviews from committee members are expected, all other comments are locked out. If this makes it to stage 3 (and it will), it means: 

The committee expects the feature to be developed and eventually included in the standard

So what’s the point of the whole process? Just shove whatever features you want/need onto the language and be done with it.

Regarding import.meta. Instead of properly speccing out and designing a Loader (

), the import keyword was turned into a not-really-a-keyword-not-really-a-function abomination. It quickly reached stage 3. Any and all concerns by people who discovered this and voiced their concerns were dismissed with no argument, and dynamic import is now everywhere.

Now, since there has been no proper design of the feature, a `meta property` is just tacked onto the already confusing mess that is `import`. Expect it to reach stage 3 within a week or so, and then we are stuck with it forever.

So, the question: why does TC39 even bother with the pretence of being transparent, o doing proper design on the language features etc.?
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