Strict Relational Operators

Darien Valentine valentinium at
Wed Apr 12 02:48:18 UTC 2017

Although I’m unsure if this is wise given there are already eleven symbols
that are combinations of `=` and `<`/`>`, for symmetry with `==` and `===`
I’d imagine something like this:

>         =>=
<         =<=
>=        =>==
<=        =<==

Could also follow the pattern `>==` (strict GT) and `<===` (strict GTE),
which avoids the awkwardness of the latter two sharing opening chars with
`=>`, but that seems more ambiguous since `>==` doesn’t let you infer
whether it means strict GT or strict GTE.

It’d be nice to have this functionality built in, but I wonder if it’d
possibly be preferable to provide it through methods of one of the built-in
objects, rather than as operators. Functions after all are more flexible.
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