Extended dot notation (pick notation) proposal

even stensberg evenstensberg at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 20:29:44 UTC 2016

I think that for now, personally, this should be in userland. Currently,
making your own functions provides much more flexibility than the need of
the operator in general. What I mean by that, is that in traditional ways,
you'd have the need to pick your values of either an array or object by

In the pragmatic approach, you'd need to write an utility anyway, as it is
not common to fetch only one value from the destruct. You'd pick what you
need. Similarly, that's how generators and functions are about too.

As for the proposal, it might seem like a good thing to have this feature,
but eventually, in big scale and even lesser projects, you'd have a
tendency and indeed the need to, as well, to do this yourself so you'd pick
out x, if y is present.

I'm into this, but it seems like the usage of the feature itself, even
though how good it is, is undermined when it comes to the actual use case.
>From userland, it's a features should be good for all scales, but this
seems like an single issue and is more about how to retrieve data in a
special use case rather than at regular basis.

>From SO, there's indeed various of issues in different use cases, but they
seem a lot like architectural issues in react rather than the purest form
of ES6. There's different issues, but the same answer.

Taking a stand from the negativity ( finally :) ), it's a good feature, but
it seems like we can do this on the plain level without involving new

It's a good feature request in it's nature, but the shape of it seems a
off, when there's other ways.

Contact me on twitter or mail if you want more input, @ev1stensberg. Again,
this is my perspective, if someone have arguments that enforces or makes
mine less relevant, please do elaborate!

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