Function composition syntax

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Thu Sep 29 06:59:45 UTC 2016

I would like to see a function composition operator make it into the
language. Currently, there is:

- Lodash: `_.flow` and `_.flowRight` (lodash/fp alias: `_.compose` and
- Underscore: `_.compose`
- Ramda: `R.compose`
- Tons of npm modules:
- Numerous manual implementations

Function composition could be far more efficiently implemented in the
engine, in ways not possible at the language level:

1. They can create pipelines to optimize multiple composition chains
2. They can avoid most of the closure allocation cost internally.
3. The returned functions can internally use a separate call path to avoid
some of the [[Call]] boilerplate when called and when calling the functions
themselves (you don't need to verify twice).

Here's what I propose: a new infix operator `>=>` (operator and direction
can change) for composing two functions. It would do the following:

1. Verify both operands are callable.
2. Create a callable-only function that calls its left operand with the
original arguments and `this`, then calling its right operand with the
result and the same `this`.
3. Sets its length to the left operand.
4. Return the new function.

The reason I suggested an operator instead of a function:

1. Fewer parentheses is always a plus.
2. It allows engines to statically optimize functions in the middle (avoid
an extra function allocation), like with `f >=> x => console.log("x:" + x)`.
3. It can simplify the internal model some to deal with a binary pair instead
of an array, especially when pipelining gets involved.
4. Composition isn't usually combined as a function in JS.

What do you all think?
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