Proposal: Array.prototype.first() and Array.prototype.last()

Li Xiaolong 898310778 at
Tue Sep 27 16:53:59 UTC 2016

Reply to Bob Myers:

> I don't think it's that obvious. I'm not a parsing guy, but I don't think
the parser works backward, looking for dots preceding numbers. I would
assume simplistically that a dot following an expression currently puts the
parser into a mode where it is looking for the following identifier, so that
logic could conceivably be tweaked to look alternatively for an integer
index. a.0 seems eminently parseable to me.


It came to me that an expression is divided by the operator from lowest
<> priority
to highest
<> priority.
So, the 'a.-1' will first be splited into 'a.', '-', and '1'. Then the 'a.'
is not legal. The priority is not to be changed because it will impact many

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