Clarification regarding Completion Records

Bergi a.d.bergi at
Fri Sep 23 15:53:36 UTC 2016

Felix Kling wrote:

> - `ResolveBinding` is an *"abstract operation"* so it returns a
> completion record, whose value is a *"Reference"*, even though
> completion records are only supposed to have language values as value
> (6.2.2) (this still confuses me)

Uh, that's weird indeed. Looks like you found a mistake.

> - As per your quote, `Return ?ResolveBinding(...)` simply returns that
> completion record.
> - In `Let exprRef be the result of evaluating Expression`, `exprRef` is
> a Reference, the completion record obtained by *"evaluating Expression"*
> was implicitly unwrapped, according to *"Any reference to a
> Completion Record value that is in a context that does not explicitly
> require a complete Completion Record value is equivalent to an explicit
> reference to the `[[Value]] field of the Completion Record value unless
> the Completion Record is an abrupt completion."`
> Am I right so far?

I believe so, yes.

> Then, does the sentence
>> The algorithms of this specification often implicitly return
>> Completion Records whose `[[Type]]` is `normal`.
> mean that
> 1. Algorithms may or may not return a completion record (i.e. some do
> and some don't).
> 2. Algorithms *always* return a completion record, but it's not always
> *explicitly* stated in the algorithm.

I'd say the second. But then again, there might be some algorithms that 
get the [[Value]] from a completion record, and those hardly will return 
a completion record, would they? Take `ReturnIfAbrupt` as an example. 
It's weird.

- Bergi

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