Clarification regarding Completion Records

Felix Kling list at
Fri Sep 23 05:27:36 UTC 2016

Hi all!

I need some clarification around completion records.

Let me start with examples in the spec (7.0) and explain how I 
understand them (and what I don't understand):

12.1.6 Runtime Semantics: Evaluation

IdentifierReference: Identifier
     Return ?ResolveBinding(StringValue of Identifier).

`ResolveBinding` is an abstract operation which can return a completion 
record, but in the successful case, it returns a Reference (spec type) 
not a completion record. Either way, since the "IdentifierReference 
evaluation" algorithm is not an abstract operation, the Reference is 
returned, not a completion record. (Note 1 also says "The result of 
evaluating an IdentifierReference is always a value of type Reference.")

Now when I look at

13.5.1 Runtime Semantics: Evaluation

ExpressionStatement: Expression;
    1. Let exprRef be the result of evaluating Expression.
    2. Return ?GetValue(exprRef).

it seems to support my interpretation (`exprRef` must be a reference in 
a successful case) and I would assume that "evaluating an 
ExpressionStatement" also returns whatever `?GetValue(exprRef)` returns, 
*not* a completion record.

But when then look at

13.2.13 Runtime Semantics: Evaluation (Block)

StatementList: StatementList StatementListItem
   1. Let sl be the result of evaluating StatementList.
   2. ReturnIfAbrupt(sl).
   3. Let s be the result of evaluating StatementListItem.
   4. Return Completion(UpdateEmpty(s, sl)).

It seems that "evaluating StatementListItem" *must* result in a 
completion record, which seems to contradict my understanding of 
"evaluating" something.


The only other explanation seems to be that "the result of evaluating 
Expression" is a completion record and `exprRef` is the implicitly 
unwrapped value according to

> Any reference to a Completion Record value that is in a context that 
> does not explicitly require a complete Completion Record value is 
> equivalent to an explicit reference to the [[Value]] field of the 
> Completion Record value unless the Completion Record is an abrupt 
> completion.

Which would mean that "evaluating an IdentifierReference" actually 
returns a completion record whose value is a Reference (spec type)?

And would that mean that evaluating "ExpressionStatement: Expression;" 
is actually performing:

2. let value be ?GetValue(exprRef).
3. return NormalCompletion(value).


Related: Is any *language type* always returned/passed via a normal 
completion record? My understanding is that an operation might not 
return a completion record if the return value is a specification type. 
But is it always a completion record if the value is a language type?

I hope at lest part of what I said is correct, thank you in advance for 
your help!


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